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One of a kind original Broadway shoe illustrations on a 4 x 6" card. I will only create one of each style this series this year, so if you see it and love it be sure to snap it up quick!


Select from:


  • UK Lair Shoe
  • UK Star Princess Boot
  • UK Serafimo Mob Cap
  • UK Hannibal Tiara (Sold)
  • UK Serafimo
  • Broadway Serafimo
  • Broadway Star Princess Boot (Sold)
  • Broadway Aminta/Wishing
  • UK Aminta/Wishing
  • Broadway Meg Masquerade Boot (Sold)
  • Meg Masquerade Hat
  • World Tour Gold and Black Meg Masquerade Boot
  • Pink Sibella Boot


Rendered in color pencil, art marker with glitter accents on lightweight cardstock.

Pocket Broadway Art Cards

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