Darcy's Broadway Coloring Book

Brought to you by the Broadway shutdown, this project was created as a love letter to the incredible and iconic theatrical costume design we have seen over the years. This on-hiatus dresser (that's me!) decided to start illustrating a coloring book of costumes and characters near and dear to her heart and build something that would be fun for all ages.

Download, print, color and then SHARE your completed work by tagging @ViscountessNYC on Instagram and using the hashtag #darcysbroadwaycoloringbook

Cinderella Coloring Book Page
Eliza Schuyler Coloring Book Page
Wishing Gown Coloring Book Page
Sibella Coloring Page
Star Princess Lineart
Satine Coloring Book Page
Persephone Coloring Book Edit
Nini Coloring Book Page
Katherine Coloring Book Page
Maria Reynolds Coloring Book Page
Jasmine Coloring Book
Hamilton Carleigh Bettiol Pencil
Heather Chandler Coloring Book
Evita Coloring Page
Fantine Coloring Book Page
Galinda Coloring Book
Girl Once Coloring Book Page
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