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About Darcy

Viscountess New York was first dreamt up in 2008 and has been a fixture for any Broadway lover ever since!


You can normally find me living the dream 8 shows a week as a dresser on Moulin Rouge! The Musical, but beyond that I’ve made an amazing career out of creating decadent gala dresses for stars across Broadway, my designs has been seen on the red carpets of Hadestown, Lion King, Kiss Me Kate, Hamilton, Aladdin, Frozen and more!

I founded Viscountess New York to share my love of design with the world. I find my inspiration in theatre, all things classical and the modern world around me. It all started when I found myself thinking for the thousandth time how much I wished I could wear ______ more plausibly in every day life and just like that my Viscountess #BroadwayBows collection was born, as well as my signature Viscountess Wishing Collection- remember to #wishforit!

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Photo by Mary Kang

Viscountess in the News

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